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RTCX has pioneered the process of creating micro-targetted consumer and audience panels that are interrogated using dynamic questionnaires based on real-time semantic analyses.
RTCX is the first solution of its kind on the market, providing a new innovative research methodology that companies can exploit for their strategic decision-making.
Customer oriented
Our team of Customer Success Managers ensures that our solution sources the best and most relevant data whilst retaining a human approach.
RTCX has expertise in three key sectors: broadcast media (TV, radio and brand content), advertsing and customer support performance monitoring.
RTCX team offers a catalogue of research and analysis reports available on request.

Our solution

The RTCX Analyser® is able to assemble and capture interactions from social media, blogs and forums to gauge the mood of consumers on a specific topic over a given period of time. The RTCX SentScore® supports our Customer Success Managers who create and dispatch micro-surveys to a custom, micro-targeted community panel, supplemented by dynamic questions generated by our proprietary AI system. The result is highly contextualised and meaningful Smart Data that will form part of a report that is presented to the client with recommendations.
Broadcasters can benefit from RTCX in order to put viewers at the heart of their Audience Engagement and Data-Driven Strategies whilst advertisers and ad sales teams can measure the resonance of advertising campaigns on their various platforms.
RTCX can also measure the effectiveness of digital customer services teams to ensure that brands offer the most optimal response to customers in need of assistance. Our system can also be used to assess changes in consumer sentiment during service distruptions, whether they are planned or not.

The Team

Advisory board

The RTCX advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to senior management with the aim of supporting the growth of the business. Each member brings a wealth of specific knowledge that ensures RTCX remains innovative and relevant on the market.
Damien Douani

Damien Douani

CEO FaDA Digital Agency, RTCX Advisory Board President
Philippe Khattou

Philippe Khattou

Analyst and Project Manager, EBG
Remi Serrano

Remi Serrano

Group Internal Control Manager, GE
Alessandro D'Arma

Alessandro D'Arma

Professor of Media Economics, University of Westminster, UK


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